‘To promote Aerodrome Flight Information Servic e (AFIS) among Airports and Airfields. We will enhance Civil Aviation Authorities and International Organisations to standardize regulations for AFIS services among EU and ICAO members coutnries.’

Marcin Dzienisz, Chief Executive Officer




  • cooperate with local CAA, Aeroclubs, Aviation Associations and International Organisations,
  • enhance cooperation with AFIS Associations from other EU and ICAO countries,
  • unification of English phraseology in G class airspace for VFR and IFR flights among all Member Countries EU and ICAO,
  • representing and supporting AFIS officers,
  • cooperation and promoting AFIS service among small and middle size Airports and Airfields,
  • cooperation and supporting Certified of ATS Personnel Training Organisations (especially AFIS).