The Aerodrome Flight Information Service Association is a membership organization dedicated to inform, inspire, and mobilize the Aviation Community and Authorities regarding harmonization of Aerodrome FIS services in EU countries.

The Association was formally established in April 2016, however the roots date back to 2011, when group of 13 Flight Information Service Officer met together at Oksywie Airport in the north of Poland. Since then we have been informally associated and dreamed about new rule of AFIS at the airports. We have been inspired by Mr Marek Cisłowski from Civil Aviation Authorities in Poland, that had a great vision for AFIS in our country.

AFISO.ORG has an ambition to become a worldwide Association of AFIS Officers from all countries that are members of ICAO Communnity. We want to cooperate with EASA, ICAO and local CAA to standarize regulations and radio phraseology in Aerodrome Traffic Zones.

We believe we have influence on safety, economy and quality of flights in non control airspace. Thanks to great expirence in ATS services and cooperation with different Organizations, we can set up new standards in this subject in the World.